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Cube X

Cube X

  • Food Delivery LED Box
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Smart Delivery Box
  • High protection level
  • great heat dissipation
  • High-quality battery
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Cube X Food Delivery LED Box

Customized Delivery LED Box; A takeaway box with a display function, including a box body, a box cover and a display screen installed on the box body; the box body includes: thermal insulation tinfoil inner film, waterproof cloth and transparent acrylic panel.

Creative and Innovative

1)Supporting 4G. SIM card can be inserted inside the modules so that you can remotely control the LED modules via phone.

2)GPS is available for locating the food delivery LED boxes and tracking trajectory.

3)Geofencing. It is a type of location-based marketing and advertising. A mobile app or software uses the GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data to define a virtual geographical boundary and trigger a targeted marketing action when a device enters or exits that boundary.

4)3 in 1 LED control systerm. With this system, the data can be sent and changed from phone, computer and ipad to cloud, and then send to ervery screen without time and space limitation.

5)Warning function with brake light strip design. There is a brake light strip on the back of the box. When the delivery man brake the car, the red light will on. 


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