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  • Light Weight
  • Various Designs
  • High Brightness
  • Thin Screen
  • Stable Performance
  • Easy Operation
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  • Slim Shape
  • Full Screen Image
  • 13bits~24bits
  • Amazing Display Capability
  • 100,000h Lifespan
  • 1920Hz~3840Hz
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Banner LED Display

Our banner LED display is available for both indoor and outdoor. The banner LED display can support Wi-Fi, CAT5, and even remote control via the internet. It can run videos, images and texts without computers after the display’s configuration is done. Our outdoor digital LED screens use very good materials so that its gray scale can be up to 24bits, and refresh rate can be up to 3840Hz. With its splendid performance, the screen can catch customers' attention quickly.

What are the pixel pitches of our banner LED display and where are they used?

The pixel pitches of the AP1 series are P2.9, P3, P4, and P5. This series is used for outdoor advertising in street grocery stores, shopping malls, railway stations, airports, etc. Digital LED banners are usually placed directly on the ground. Some customers will also request to remove the LED screen base and fix the LED screen directly on the lamp pole of the street lamp-lamp pole screen.

The pixel pitches of the AP2 series are P2.5, P3, and P4. This series is used for indoor fixed advertising in hotel lobbies or fashion stores. These digital LED banners are generally placed on the ground or hung on the wall with a hook, like a mirror.

What do we need to run the LED banner display?


Our digital banner LED display only needs a LED media player card. When the LED controller is connected to the internet,

you can access a cloud-base and manage the display content of the LED advertising player anytime anywhere through a mobile phone, laptop, or other devices.

LED media player card

video processor


System connection

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