Warranty Policy


Up to 2-Year Standard Warranty

PREMTECO offers up to 2-YEAR warranty on our products, providing customers with excellent after-sales service. The warranty period starts from the invoice date.

Terms and Conditions

The warranty

Upon receiving and accepting your payment, we will provide you with cover for your purchase(s) as stated in this warranty. During the Warranty Period, the customer will be required to operate the product according to product specifications.

What is covered by this Warranty

1) Free maintenance service during the Warranty Period;

2) The single freight cost during the Warranty Period;

What is not covered by the Warranty

1)  Malfunction caused by failure to follow product instructions;

2)  Any problem beyond the warranty period;

3)  Any damage caused by improper operation, including unauthorized disassembling or repairing ;

4)  Any damage caused by fire, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters;

5)  Any accidental or malicious damage;

Period out of 2-YEAR Standard Warranty

If you return an item outside the warranty period to PREMTECO for any inspection or repair, you will be liable for maintenance fee except the labor fee.

Cost for Door-to-Door Technical Support

If you request door-to-door technical support, engineers will be sent to help with installation and maintenance guidance. Meanwhile, you will bear all the expenses that the door-to-door technical service incurred, including engineers’ visa fee, boarding fee, meals, transportation fee,daily labor cost and so forth. You will also take full charge of the engineers’ visa arrangement. The daily labor cost for technical support is USD 300/person/day and the cost starts to count from the day engineers set out for your city.


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