Outdoor LCD display


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Outdoor LCD display

Outdoor LCD display

  • Stable Performance
  • Various Designs
  • Cost-effective
  • ≥ 3000nits
  • 50% Energy Saved
  • IP65
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LCD Display

LCD refers to liquid crystal display which use less than half of the power a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor of the same size viewing area would do. Premteco outdoor LCD has the features of high protection level: IP65, low power consumption, glad aspect ratio 16:9, Wide viewing angle: up to 178°V/H and perfect protection system.

What are the advantages of our outdoor LCD Display?

1)As energy-saving becomes more and more important, our LCD product could fit the trend well as it has lower consumption. The LCD is more energy-efficient and can be disposed of more safely than a CRT can.

2)IP 65: to make the screen function safely and stably in outdoor scenes, we adopt advanced protective methods to withstand heavy rain and strong winds.

3)High-quality material: the AR glass we used helps to demonstrate more colorful, real and vivid image.

4)Gold aspect ratio: 16:9


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