Indoor LED Display


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  • Die-casting Aluminum
  • Light and Thin
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Flexible Installations
  • Excellent Performance
  • 13bits ~ 24bits
  • 1920Hz~3840Hz
  • Fully Front Access
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  • Fast Installation
  • High Quality SMD
  • Wide Angle
  • Ultra Visual Performance
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Indoor LED Display

Premteco indoor LED display products have excellent white balance, high refresh rate, and great grayscale. All of our indoor LED display products use high quality black LED and power supply, so the quality of the products is very reliable. They are the perfect digital screens for hotels, restaurants, churches, stores, etc.

What do we need to consider when we choose an indoor LED display in the view of cabinet?

The thickness and weight. The thickness of die-casting cabinet is usually less than 60 and the weight is less than 7.5kg/panel. Steel or aluminum cabinets have a thickness of 80 mm-100 mm and a weight of 45kg-55kg/ m2, which is good for those projects that do not require much weight or thickness.

The pixel pitch. For indoor small pixel pitches, like P2.5 or smaller, the die-casting cabinet will be a better choice, while for big pixel pitches like P3, P4, P5, steel cabinet, aluminum cabinet, simple cabinet will be good.

What are related devices for mobile LED displays
and how they work?

LED Video Processor

The LED video processor is needed to support and deal with different signal inputs,
such as HDMI and DP from sending cards and then send them to receiving cards.

LED Controller

The LED controller is responsible for the connection between the PC and the screen.

It receives the signal from the PC and transmits it to the screen. It is like a brain in the LED display system.

control box

video processor


System connection

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