4 Tips for Purchasing Rental LED Displays

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Promote your business or product in the right and best way possible. A LED display is the perfect addition to this. Having displays for advertising is essential when you want to stand out from the others in the market. Rental LED displays can be a terrific way to increase revenue and improve the experience of your attendees at your events. 

What is a LED rental display?

One of the most noticeable differences between LED rental displays and fixed LED displays is that fixed LED displays will not be moved for a long time, whereas rental LED displays may be disassembled after a single event, such as a musical performance, an exhibition, or a commercial product launch, and so on. This feature is a primary criterion for a rental LED display: it must be simple to construct and disassemble, as well as safe and user-friendly, in order to save energy during installation and transportation.

Tips for purchasing rental led displays

Choose the right provider

When choosing your rental LED displays, keep these tips in mind about how to choose a reliable provider. First, choose a company that enjoys a good reputation by checking the reviews and feedback. You can also ask for special application cases of their previous clients. 

Second, the lowest price shouldn’t be your best option but the quality and services. As we all know, LED displays are not consumer electronics so durable quality is vital as well as services because operation often needs instructions from professional technicians.

Choose the screen size according to your budget

You should be clear about the LED screen size that will best cater to your audience size at the event. There are multiple size variants for LED screens in the market. To address a big crowd you need a big LED display screen while a small audience size can be easily managed with a comparatively small screen size. LED display screens should be big enough to provide a good image to the distant viewer sitting at the end of the line. The general rule of thumb here is to go with the audience size when choosing the LED display.

Dual card, dual power backup

Since the LED display is composed of a large number of boxes and a large number of electronic equipment, the inevitable failure rate of electronic equipment has always plagued LED display users. Therefore, when some electronic devices on the LED screen fail, it is particularly important that the display screen can still work normally.

Dual card, dual power backup function backup is a solution to ensure the reliability and stability of the LED display in high-demand environments.

Dual receiving backup mode, one box uses two receiving cards. The two receiving cards work at the same time and are in a backup state for each other. When any signal fails, they can switch automatically and seamlessly, ensuring that the display screen works flawlessly.

Smart brightness adjustment

In the performance, there is only one light source of the LED rental screen on the stage, and its display effect will inevitably be affected by stage lighting such as projection, spotlight, moving head light, etc. Therefore, it is necessary for the LED rental screen to install an automatic adaptive photosensitive adjustment device, which will not affect the display screen due to ambient light.

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