Application Of Cob LED Display Technology

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COB LED displays are everywhere starting from the streetlight outside of your house to the LED screen installed outside of a mall. Conventional LEDs are no longer the preferred choice in the market.

They have also improved with time. Traditional models are fading away as we now have a vast selection of more advanced and better LEDs, in which COB LED display is part of such discovery.

What is COB LED Display?

COB is Chip on board, which is a different chip encapsulation technology. It has longer developing history, and has been adopted in some leading manufacturers’ promoted products lately.

From a wider view, COB LED display has features in common with the traditional LED technology. Some of which are; high power efficiency, high color uniformity, high contrast, etc.

The greatest importance of using COB is to get high protection performance like moisture proof, collision avoidance and dust proof, in short, higher environmental adaptability; this led coating technology helps to get pixel level protection.

Features of COB LED Display

  • Lighting effect on these LEDs is more productive than the traditional models.
  • Only one circuit is required
  • COB LEDs are closely packed since the chips are adhere to each other with no additional lenses and packaging involved. This saves a lot of space as the size is greatly reduced.
  • There is less risk of failure in these LEDs since the welding points are somewhat fewer than traditional models.
  •  COB LEDs have higher light efficiency than conventional LEDs.
  • There is no dissipation of heat thus; heat generated by chips is reduced.

Some of the Applications of COB LED Display technology:

  • COB LED display technology can be used in Smartphone camera flash to obtain better photo results.
  • In sports, the products are used for few hours a week. The COB LED display with hardware, software and other things, are there to entertain and to update spectator afore, during and after the game. The display comprises of promotions, scoreboard, social media interaction to attract more people in the stadium or gymnasium.
  • Many times, LED Lamps used in homes generate a lot of heat, consuming a lot of power and heating up the house. COB technology can be used in these LED lamps to reduce the power consumption and heat dissipation.
  • COB LED display technology can be used in playground lighting since they have a wider viewing angle and operate with higher efficiency.
  • COB LED display for advertising or “digital billboards” need to be sturdy, bright, and built-in to withstand any weather and temperature conditions. If you want good profit then product quality is the essential feature in your investment.
  • COB LED display Technology can be used in Street lights to increase the efficacy of light.
  • Rental and staging events is the most accurate and exceptional application. In the applications COB LED displays are integrated, as they are composed of small, light, portable cabinets that can be mounted and undone quickly.

Furthermore, it is the most competitive and pervasive corporate area, screens can be fitted in TV workshops, trade displays, conference studios, performances, carnivals etc.

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There are many different LEDs in the market. You can only make the right decision once you are well informed.

However, you need to ensure that you do your research to find which ones are the best for you. If you have any more questions, please do well to contact us!


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