How LED Boxes Are Revolutionizing the Food Delivery Industry?

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Food delivery has become a popular industry in recent years. With the increase in demand for food delivery, restaurants have been looking for innovative ways to stand out from their competitors. The LED delivery box is one such innovation that is gaining popularity in the food delivery industry.

What is a food delivery LED box?

A food delivery LED box not only acts as a storage container but also as a marketing tool. Restaurants customize the LED box with their brand name, logo or even promotions.

It is a takeaway box with a display function, which includes a box body, a box cover, and a display screen installed on the box body. The box body comprises thermal insulation tinfoil inner film, waterproof cloth, and transparent acrylic panel.

food delivery LED box


Features of a Premteco food delivery LED box

Creative and innovative

Food delivery LED boxes are creative and innovative. They support 4G and GPS so that you can remotely control the LED modules via phone. Geo-fencing is also available for targeted advertising.

Smart delivery box

LED boxes offer several smart features. They calculate the number of customers throughout the journey and can integrate with the delivery system. The 3-in-1 LED control system enables data transmission between different devices without time and space limitations. These boxes also have an intelligent cooling system, ensuring optimal performance in high-temperature environments.

High protection level

The highest dust-proof and great waterproof level (IP65) protect the food delivery LED box from harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the acrylic plates protect the modules from collision, moisture, and dust.

High-quality battery

Powering the LED boxes requires a high-quality battery with excellent heat dissipation capabilities. The boxes use car batteries as well as lithium batteries inside the box to supply power so that the modules can run constantly for up to six hours.

Great heat dissipation

Power supplies attached to aluminum plates greatly enhance the heat dissipation ability of the LED boxes. These plates ensure optimal performance even in high-temperature environments.

Premteco food delivery LED box

Benefits of using a food delivery LED box

Brand promotion

Restaurants can customize the LED box with branding and promotions, making them an ideal marketing tool to promote their brand and products.

Real-time tracking

GPS-enabled LED boxes help businesses track deliveries in real-time. Restaurants can monitor the location of orders and optimize delivery routes to improve efficiency.

Temperature control

The intelligent cooling system ensures optimal performance in high-temperature environments. When the temperature of the modules is over 50℃, it triggers the switches of the fan, which helps quickly cool down the modules.


Food delivery has become a highly competitive market. By using LED delivery boxes, restaurants can differentiate themselves from others by providing an innovative marketing tool that also serves as a practical delivery solution. If you are looking for a supplier of food delivery LED boxes, we will absolutely be your best choice. Kindly contact us today!


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