How to comprehensively understand LED PCB board?

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PCB board is the support of electronic components, in which metal conductors are used as the circuit for connecting electronic components. Since electronic products are getting smaller and thinner, most circuit boards will be etched with adhesion resistance (film or coating) after exposure and development. The current circuit board is mainly composed of circuit and pattern, dielectric, through hole, solder resistant /solder mask and surface finish.

The PCB board is the most important part of the LED display. If the PCB is missing, it will affect the use effect of the LED display screen, so we must pay attention to the importance of the PCB. The quality of the LED PCB determines the display effect and service life of the LED display. The LED display adopts FR-4 glass fiber circuit board, which is a traditional electronic circuit board. They are widely used because of their good insulation, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance and multi-layer printability.

In the general production of indoor lead display and outdoor LED display, two-layer boards or at most four-layer boards are used, while in the small-pitch LED display, computer circuits with four or more layers are used. The more layers, the more complicated the process and the more expensive the price.

Almost all electronic devices need the support of printed circuit board, so printed circuit boards are the products with the highest market share among electronic components in the world. At present, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan Province, Western Europe and the United States are the main manufacturing bases of PCB board.


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