Maintenance Methods and Tips for Outdoor LED Displays

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The applications of outdoor LED display are always very difficult and harsh; there are many things you need to focus on in the process of use and maintenance. On the basis of relevant case experiences from companies and customers, we have gathered some methods and techniques which could help you in maintaining your outdoor LED display properly.

Maintenance Methods and tips for Outdoor LED Displays

Keep Outdoor LED Display Dry:

LED display screen body strictly forbids any iron powder, water and other metal objects that are easily conductive. Enormous dust will affect the display effect of a large format LED screen which will in turn cause great damage to the circuit, and so must be positioned in an environment with low dust as far as possible.

If for different reasons let into water, power it off instantly and contact maintenance personnel, until the display panel dry before use. Do not charge the LED screen with humidity as this can cause corrosion of the parts, which will cause permanent damage. Take precautions against rain.

  • Place the outdoor LED display main control computer and other related equipment, in an air conditioning, dust room, to ensure the computer ventilation and steady work.
  • Do not play in full white, red, green, blue and other full-bright screen for a long time:

Do not disassemble, always splice the screen in order to prevent the power cord from heating up, leading to LED’s damage, and in turn affect the service life of the display.

  • There should be a steady power supply and the grounding protection should be good:

 Do not use it in bad environment, especially in strong lightning weather.

Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor LED Display switch sequence:

Step 1- power up the control computer to allow normal operation after the large format outdoor LED Display screen is on.

Step 2- firstly turn off the outdoor LED Display screen, then turn off the computer.

Outdoor LED display screen needs to rest

The outdoor LED display screen must rest for at least 2 hours a day, while in the rainy season large outdoor LED Display screen at least once a week. Ensure you turn on the screen at least once a month for up to 2 hours.

Check the outdoor LED display screen regularly:

The large outdoor LED display screen needed to be checked often for damaged circuits, timely replacement or repair of damaged circuits, and to ensure it is working properly in order to maintain the normal work of the large LED screen.

  • Outdoor large format LED Display screen exposure for a long time in the wind, Sun, dust could make it dirty easily:

Over the period of time down, the screen is definitely a dust, which needs to be cleaned in time to prevent long-term dust coating the surface.  

  • Supposing that there is a problem with the outdoor LED display internal wiring, do not touch anything to avoid line damage from occurring and to prevent electric shock, call on professionals for repair.
  • Choose passive protection and active protection:

Keep items that are harmful to the outdoor LED display away from the screen, and gently wipe the screen when cleaning to reduce the possibility of harm.

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