Reasons to Choose a COB LED Display for Your Needs

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Whether you're looking to showcase your products, promote your brand or simply communicate information to your audience, a COB LED display is the perfect solution. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons why you should choose a COB LED display for your needs. So, let's dive in!

What is a COB LED Display?

A COB (Chip on Board) LED display is a type of LED display that uses LEDs mounted directly onto a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). In contrast to traditional SMD (Surface-Mount Device) LED displays, where separate LEDs components ate placed onto the board, COB LED displays have the LEDs integrated into the board itself, resulting in a thinner and more seamless design.

COB LED Display

Advantages of COB LED Displays over Other Types of Displays

COB LED displays offer several advantages over other types of displays:

Excellent Color Contrast Ratio:

The regular black SMD LED has a color contrast ratio of 5000:1. However, COB LED displays can reach much higher color contrast ratios up to 10000:1. This results in amazing color representation on the screen.

Seamless Connection & 16:9 Aspect Ratio:

COB LED displays have a gapless design, which means that there are no visible seams or gaps between modules. Additionally, these displays can be built with 2K, 4K, 8K or other resolutions while maintaining a 16:9 screen aspect ratio.

Extraordinary Visual Effects:

COB LED displays use high-quality materials and great PCB designs. With a high refresh rate of up to 3840Hz and gray scale of up to 14-24 bits, these displays offer amazing visual effects. The light from COB LED displays looks softer to the eyes, and the visual impact is exquisite when playing videos or images.

Strong Module for More Secure Installation & Maintenance:

COB LED displays are designed to withstand slight collisions during installation and transportation. Additionally, the LED modules are easy to clean with a duster, allowing for quick and simple maintenance.

COB LED Display

Larger Viewing Angle and Lower Power Consumption:

COB LED displays offer an ultra-wide viewing angle of 170 degrees or more, resulting in stunning visual effects that capture attention. These displays also consume less power than regular LED display products.

Higher Pixel Pitch:

With innovative technology and years of experience, we could produce the world’s finest pixel pitch COB LED displays: P0.9 and P0.7. And soon, we could do P0.5 or even smaller pitch LED displays.

Longer Lifespan: 

Thanks to flip-chip technology wireless packaging, the heat dissipation for the LED is better, resulting in more secure functioning. Additionally, the COB LED's unique features such as great reliability and high level surface protection ensure a longer lifespan of over 8 years for the LED display.

Contact Premteco for High Quality COB LED Displays

As a company with over 18 years of experience in the industry, Premteco has established an outstanding reputation for providing consistent and reliable LED display products. With our focus on research, design, manufacture, and sale of LED display, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and delivering exceptional quality. Choosing a COB LED display from Premteco means trusting in our expertise and enjoy the benefits of a display that offers exceptional color contrast, seamless connection, extraordinary visual effects, and more. 


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