What Are Creative LED Screens?

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Definition of creative LED display

Just like the name, a creative LED display means there are a lot of creativity and advanced technologies in it. Different from the traditional LED display panel, it can be designed into various irregular shapes at will which breaks the simple square shape so as to display highly creative content. According to the specific conditions of installation sites, it can customize sizes, appearances and functions. In real life, you may see different special-shaped LED displays, and the shapes include curved, diamond, spherical, brackets, magic cubes, cylinders, etc.

In a word, it is certainly a great display you can use to attract the attention of the customers so as to propagandize your events better, and also brings more functions compared with traditional ones.

creative LED display

The feature of creative LED displays

Outstanding display capability

The unique design and colorful content make it looks like a new type of thing that you can’t often see in daily life, and that will arise the attention of people including your targeted customer group once they noticed it. And because of the vivid and interesting presenting method, the content on it will be read more carefully.

City landmark

Creative LED screens can be a presentation of urban landmarks. It can be built based on the landscape, architecture and symbols of cities. From the artistic and aesthetic point of view, this LED display can integrate with buildings perfectly to beautify the ambient.

Easy installation

The screen is usually installed by magnetic. The factory completes the modeling customization according to the needs of customers, and then it can be directly adsorbed to achieve one-step installation. The installation method of magnetic suction is as simple as that of the conventional indoor screen installation, and the cabinet cable is connected by quick coupling, which is firm and reliable. 

Higher requirements for R & D capability and production process

Due to the different appearance and structure of creative LED display screens, the technical requirements for manufacturers are more stringent. If the manufacturer’s technology is not up to standard, the LED screen stitched out will have many problems, such as the uneven appearance caused by the large seam gap and discontinuous splicing surface, which will affect the viewing effect and destroy the aesthetic feeling of the overall design. More importantly, the circuit and structure design of LED special-shaped screens is complex, which puts forward high requirements for the R & D ability of manufacturers.

creative LED display

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