What Characteristics Should An Outdoor LED Screen Have?

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The LED displays can be seen in indoor and outdoor conditions. The word DOOH is very hot in recent years. It means digital out of home. There will be higher requirements for outdoor conditions, so customers need to choose the most professional LED screen to improve stability. So, what are the features of an outdoor LED display? Now let's take a look at the most significant features of professional LED screens.

Waterproof and dust-proof

Any outdoor LED display must be waterproof and dust-proof. Outdoor environment is more harsh than that of indoor. Rain and dust are the common things in the outdoor environment. And these two things will do harm to the LED display. So if you want the outdoor LED display running normally, you must choose the one with high IP grade.

Well-defined and clear resolution

Unlike indoor LED displays, outdoor LED screens' display effects are affected by various light settings and viewing distance. Therefore, increasing the resolution is one way to reduce resolution anomalies caused by different light conditions.

Resistant to temperature changes

The outdoor LED display can withstand extreme cold or heat and sudden temperature changes. It is especially important for advertising activities in areas with a large temperature difference or extremely hot or cold conditions. Premteco usually chooses aluminum or magnesium alloys as the cabinet material. These two alloys are stable and corrosion resistant in different temperature environment. By choosing an outdoor LED display from Premteco, you can be sure that you are buying the best solution for yourself.

Great heat dissipation 

The LED display will generate a lot of heat when working, and it is more likely to heat up in the outdoor high-temperature environment. If the heat dissipation ability is not strong, the whole integrated circuit will not work normally, or even be burned down. Therefore, Premteco usually chooses aluminum or magnesium alloys as the cabinet material. These two material have better heat dissipation capability.

Easy installation and assembly

The high installation cost makes the final price of the screen higher, and it is inconvenient for transportation. So Premteco recommends a simple design with a stable working display and easy installation and assembly.

Looking for an outdoor LED screen supplier?

Premteco has built up an outstanding reputation in the industry by supplying consistent and reliable LED display products, which allow you to build a strong brand image, and catch the attention of new potential customers. Meanwhile, we keep updating advanced facilities and technologies. If you have any inquiries about the outdoor LED screen, please contact us immediately.


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