What Is the Importance of Outdoor LED Screens in Advertising

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Compared with the LCD screen, the LED large screen can display more high-quality advertising text, rich colors, and dynamic advertising images and videos. Coupled with artificial intelligence technology, outdoor LED large-screen advertising has shocked people. It has the advantages, such as more shocking, strong stereoscopic visual impact, high quality, eye-catching, etc. So that the brand and product advertisements on it have a "high-end" image and enhance the acceptance of the brand in the minds of the audience, which has improved the advertising reach rate and communication effect.

LED advertising screens can present naked-eye 3D visual effects, which are still very clear under strong light. They help to break the communication limitations of traditional LCD advertising screens, board the boundaries of the outdoor advertising industry, and bring new potential and new changes to the industry.

Here are some important reasons why outdoor LED screens are important in advertising.

outdoor LED screens

Aggregate target audience

Online advertising has the characteristics of wide dissemination, punctuality and fragmentation, but the media dissemination is too scattered and the media resources are rich, so the information dissemination cannot be concentrated. LED giant advertising will become a trend.

Strong visual impact

The outdoor LED advertising large screen has the characteristics of large size, dynamic and sound and picture integration, which can make the audience feel in an all-round and direct way, thereby effectively conveying information to guide consumption. People are faced with various forms of advertising. Due to the limited memory space and the infinity of information dissemination, the attraction of large outdoor advertising screens has gradually become a scarce resource. Therefore, how to attract people is an urgent need for advertisers to solve the problem.

High coverage

Outdoor LED large-screen advertisements are generally located in high-end commercial areas and traffic hub areas with high traffic density. Outdoor LED advertising large-screen advertisements deepen the impression through high-frequency playback and stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

Low audience resentment

The large outdoor LED advertising screen can broadcast programs to more audiences in a real and timely manner through live broadcast technology. Its content includes special topics, columns, variety shows, animations, radio dramas, TV dramas, etc., and the content is rich, avoiding the conscious and active avoidance of advertising audiences. Research shows that the dislike rate of outdoor LED advertising on large screens is much lower than that of TV advertisements.

outdoor LED screens

Today, with the rapid development of digital technology and AI technology, outdoor LED advertising screens have fully displayed their diversified charm, making high-end luxury goods, fast-moving consumer goods. Technology products and other industries have more strong advertising needs and forms. For more information about it, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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