XR Technology and LED Display Lead the New Trend of Virtual Production

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In the past two years, XR technology has begun to enter the public's field of vision. More and more concerts, conference sites, movie shooting sites and TV shows have begun to use high-tech and realistic XR technology to realize more possibilities for creation. With the support of 5G, the popularity of XR technology is even more trendy. It builds a virtual world and interacts with the real world to achieve a perfect blend of virtual and reality.

 XR LED display

What is XR technology?

XR (Extended reality) is a term used to describe environments or interactions that combine virtual and real elements. In addition to the common thought of XR as including AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality),and MR (Mixed Reality), it also has a special meaning in the production of film and television, broadcasting and live entertainment. At present, XR has become the mainstream of the virtual studio industry. XR is more like a general description of AR and VR technology. It can be used to refer to an integrated system that includes virtual and real worlds, and can even be equivalent to a specific motion capture technology, AR application or VR games. In the field of content production, it is specifically referred to as a workflow that includes LED displays, camera tracking systems, and a powerful graphics engine. It is a virtual production method that places performers in a virtual world in real-time without green screens and post-production processes.

What are the characteristics of the combination of XR technology and LED display?

Super wide viewing angle

The XR extended reality is synthesized through the output of the disguise media server.  The camera tracking system is used to locate the spatial position information, map the spatial relationship between the characters and the scene in real time, and present and output a virtual scene without dead ends in real time. Therefore, when the camera is shot at various angles, the ultra-wide viewing angle ensures that the quality of the display screen will not be lost due to changes in the angle.

High color reproduction and high gray technology

In response to the full tracking of the camera, the details and information of the image captured by the camera must be clear and without omissions. High color reproduction and high-gray technology enhance layering and vividness.

Smart brightness adjustment

XR LED displays can adapt to the different environmental brightness of the virtual studio, and the display screen performance is better.

Real-time monitoring, synchronous switching of any signal

The virtual studio can realize the rapid switching of virtual scenes, and at the same time, the scene content can be modified and adjusted in real time, which greatly improves the efficiency of scene changing, and reduces the shooting cost. This requires that the needs to monitor the operation of the screen in real time, and realize the remote control of the content played on the display in real time, feedback problems in time, and propose solutions to ensure normal shooting. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that any signal is switched synchronously to adapt to different virtual scenes and rich signal sources.

 XR LED display

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