Abu Dhabi - 12 x 5 m Outdoor LED Wall FA1 Max series

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As one of the top LED display manufactures in China, Premteco has made many successful projects around the world. Recently, our team just completed an installation of a big outdoor LED screen in Abu Dhabi.

Here we use our innovative design FA1 Max series P10.4mm. The screen dimension is 12m x 5m, 60 square meters in total.

It is installed on the top floor of a high building, which will be exposed to direct sunlight during the day. With high brightness 6500nits and high refresh 3840Hz, the screen is still very clear even under strong sunlight in the Abu Dhabi. In the meantime, we can also make 10000nits by using Gold wire LEDs, which has longer lifespan and more stable quality.

Thanks for its aluminum cabinet design,there is no need to use any fan or air-conditioning. And the client does not have to worry about the heat dissipation. The temperature in Middle East is very high. So the heat dissipation and screen working environment temperature are very important. We did the extreme temperature testing for the FA1 Max series. The highest temperature can go 80 degree. This is also a proof that our products are very reliable in high temperature weather.

There are a lot of clients attracted by our innovative design. The FA1 Max series is being used in various countries in the Middle East.

Why is Premteco’s FA1 Max series more and more popular in different countries?

Energy conservation is the aspiration of every country. An energy-saving LED display will be more needed by the market.

The power consumption of our outdoor LED screen FA1 Max series is 60% less than that of other manufacturers' products.

We power separately, 2.8V for red LED chip, and 3.8V for green and blue LED chip. In this way, the maximum power consumption of the screen could be as low as about 350W/sqm. Comparing the regular design of all 5V power and consumption 800W/sqm from other suppliers, our screen is super energy saving.

With this product, the client can save a lot of money in many aspects:

1) Super low power consumption design, the client can save much electricity bill every year.

2)Universal Cabinet design. If the pixel pitch needs to be changed, the cabinet does not need to be replaced.

3) The gold wire LED product is stable, clients don’t need to change for at least 10 years. And there is no need to worry about the after-sales cost.

4) The product is only 23.5kg/m2. It can be easily installed which will save installation labor cost. Meanwhile, the cost of steel structure can also be saved because the product is very light.

With the above advantages, Premteco’s FA1 Max series is not only popular in the Middle East, but also widely used around the world. Premteco will continue to maintain its mission of providing clients with the best solutions, FA1 Max series will also bring convenience to more clients.


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