Advanced Mini LED 4 in 1 Technology

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Compared to traditional 1R1G1B SMD LED, SP1 Mini series adopts advanced 4R4G4B Mini LED 4 in 1. Mini-LED overcomes the graininess of SMD lamps and realizes smaller LED crystal particles. It enables finer display for small pitch products. This breaks the bottleneck of the small pitch market.

Common Cathode Technology.Premteco SP1 Mini series small-pitch display screen adopts the common cathode technology. In the common cathode mode, the R, G and B chips supply power separately, and the voltage and current are accurately distributed to the red, green and blue diodes. This independent and accurate power supply method improves the efficiency of the power supply, makes the power consumption lower, and can reduces its own heat by about 40%. and lower pixel failure rate, thus improving the overall performance of the display screen and prolonging the screen lifespan.

Golden Aspect Ratio Cabinet Size:The cabinet ratio is 16:9. Standard aspect ratio perfectly achieve full HD 2K, 4K, 8K resolutions.


Comparison-Stability-Premteco:Using high quality driver IC makes the screen more stable. The refresh rate can reach 3840HZ . So the screen provides you with fantastic visual effects. Other:Adopted cheap LED with poor-quality drive IC, so the LED screen is not stable and cannot restore the picture color to the maximum extent and cannot present the best visual effect.

Comparison-Long Lifespan-PREMTECO control the wavelength of the LED very strictly, so basically they have the same wavelength. Meanwhile, we also use high quality LED chips, so the attenuation of the LED is very slow. After 8 years, the screen will still have very good color uniformity. Other:Using very bad LED, so the screen has poor display effect,. After some time, many LED die. So the screen will appear black dots.Moreover, if bad lamps are used, the attenuation of lamp beads will be very fast. After a few months, the brightness of lamp beads will decrease, which will seriously affect the viewing effect on the screen.


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