How will LED display companies cope with the arrival of 5G?

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The advent of the 5G era has brought opportunities and adjustments to all walks of life. The LED display industry will also bring greater opportunities and challenges with the development of the 5G era. It can be said that 5G commercialization is about to start in the world, and LED display is also embracing a brand new era.

With the continuous progress of small pitch technology, the application and market scale of small pitch is also growing. Combined with 5G technology, it means that small distance can be used in more application fields, such as new intelligent display terminals of large-scale conferences, transportation, hotels and various public facilities.

Challenges and opportunities coexist.

About the challenges: For LED display, it is only a display carrier after all. If it needs to achieve a more intelligent display effect not only need to improve their own hard conditions, but also need to unceasingly integrate with the surrounding technology. In recent years, with the continuous development of LED display technology, Mini LED, COB and other technologies continue to rise, LED panel is constantly improving in terms of image quality and clarity, which is ready for it to achieve intelligent display of hardware. In order to achieve more intelligent display, LED display needs to be combined with emerging technologies such as AI, VR, AR, etc. The full application of these technologies requires certain network support. The arrival of 5G undoubtedly accelerates the combination of some of these emerging technologies and LED screen.

5G as a new technology, will break the amount of width restrictions in the data transmission. In the past, LED display can not achieve the data transmission, will be easily realized in front of 5G, which will put forward higher requirements for the image quality of the LED display and the screen resolution requirements will also be higher and higher. In the future, in 5G, it should not only achieve rapid data transmission, but also achieve clear display of image quality. LED screen 5G + 8K will be a trend of future development. The resolution required for full 4K display is 3840×2160, and 8K is 7680×4320. How to present the real picture we see on the LED display screen is the challenge we will face. How to present the real picture we see on the LED panel is the challenge we will face.


If the LED display industry can not transform the challenges into opportunities,

then the arrival of 5G is meaningless to the LED display industry.

Regarding opportunities: LED display industry opportunities in 5G is not only limited to high-definition picture quality, but more LED display future in 5G as more. The current 4G signal is more WIFI way to connect, 5G to achieve interconnection must require a higher coverage. Based on the LED light communication characteristics of the emergence of Li-Fi tech which use LED light, infrared or near ultraviolet light as the transmission medium. Compared with Wi-Fi technology, Li-Fi transmission speed is faster and can avoid electromagnetic interference. In the 5G tide, if we can give full play to the advantages of LED optical communication, the road of 5G application of LED panel may be much easier. Beyond all doubt, the advantages of LED screen characteristics need to be constantly tapped out in order to grasp the development opportunities of 5G.

Novastar, as a well-known supplier of LED display solutions, recently completed the upgrade of Taurus series 4G to 5G. Giving full play to the advantages of LED optical communication and broadening the 5G application boundary of LED display will be the direction that our company will continue to explore and work hard. Premteco will follow the trend of the times and create the 5G era with our long-term cooperation with Novastar.


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