3D LED Display Mastery for Immersive Visuals

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The escalating demand for innovative LED displays has spurred manufacturers to focus on advanced PCB designs and creative products. Amidst this evolution, the concept of a 3D LED display emerges as a groundbreaking solution, leveraging traditional screens for unprecedented visual effects.

3D led display

What is 3D LED Display

A 3D LED display delivers a three-dimensional and realistic viewing experience through specially crafted 2D video content on a 2D LED display. Currently, three prominent types of outdoor naked-eye 3D LED displays dominate the market: Right-angle corner screens, Arc-angle corner screens, and Curved screens, each tailored to different architectural layouts.

The outdoor naked-eye 3D LED Large Screen is a regular LED screen but 3D LED Display screen has higher requirements of the configuration such as the resolution, refresh rate, contrast, and grayscale of the regular LED display screen. All of these directly affect the cost and price of the screen.

How to build a 3D Led Display

To build a 3D LED display, we need to make sure both of the site and the screen can meet the requirements.

Installation Place

If we make 3D LED display, ideally we should use two walls and create a 90 degree angle. To achieve the 3D look, we need to mount two LED screens side by side at a 90° angle. The flat LED display only shows the image once. But when we have two LED screens mounted side by side, it can show front on the right screen and left side view on the left screen.

3D video source

3D LED Screen Display combine the special L shape with a right-angle LED Screen or flexible curve LED screen and creative Naked eye 3D Video to achieve a naked-eye 3D display effect. It makes two images or videos taken from different angles that have been combined into one video.

Depending on the length of the 3D video and the quality of the 3D video, it takes about 15-30 days to customize a normal and popular naked-eye 3D video source.

  • Determine the theme creative, content, script, and quotation.
  • Determine the material or 3D modeling > first draft > test video.
  • Confirm the first draft - make the final 3D video.

Naked eye 3D video is generally billed by the second, with a minimum order of 30 seconds to 1 minute, and a normal picture of USD300 to USD 1000 per second.

Video Content

For such a large 3D LED display screen, the video content is very large, and the general LED controller cannot carry it, so a professional LED multimedia server is needed to ensure that the video content can be played normally.

Essential Requirements for Success

There are some requirements for the LED screens:

High brightness

The LED display should have higher brightness and ideally it can be up to 10,000nits. There are many advantages that it can bring. First, the lifespan of the display will be longer. For normal 6000nits screens, the material we used is copper wire and the screen can be used 5-8 years. But for 10,000nits displays, it’s totally no problem for it to work well after 10 years. And with the gold wire used, the attenuation rate of the screen will be lower which also helps prolong the work time of the screen. What’s more, higher brightness the visual effect will be better, the color will be more vivid. Last but not least, the warranty years we provide will prolong from 2 years to 5 years. Although the cost will be higher but in the long run , the client spend less money to buy better service and products. We extended the life of the screen by 50% at 30% of the cost.

Higher color contrast(at least 10000:1)

Some of clients maybe confused about the color contrast. Color contrast is the ratio of the brightest and darkest data on the screen. This is what we generally call static contrast. We can use three methods to strengthen the color contrast. First, increasing the brightness of the screen. If we make a brighter screen, its color contrast will be higher. Second, we can use smaller leds to reach a wider black area. The third way is change the design of mask. The higher the brim of the mask, the higher the contrast. Contrast ratio influences depth and color richness.

High refresh rate

Normally for the outdoor led screen, the standard refresh rate 1920Hz is good enough. But for 3D led display, the refresh rate needs to be 7680Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the better the visual effect. And when people take a picture or shoot videos, the screen won’t appear the ghosting lines.

Higher grey scale 16bits

Normally 13-14bits is enough for outdoor screens, but for 3D screen, it definitely ask for more. Grey scale is related to refresh rate. When a screen has high refresh rate and grey scale, the visual effect will be amazing. In order to realize it, we can choose to use high refresh rate ICs and high level receiving card.

Crucial Considerations to Build 3D Led Display

On the purposed of offering a complete and suitable 3D screen solution, clients needs to provide the following information:

First of all, choosing the right screen size is based on viewing distance, audience size, visual impact, and available space. Balance all these factors to determine the ideal dimensions.

Then, in order to ensure the best viewing effect, it is generally necessary to provide the LED screen's shape, size, resolution, height from the ground, viewing distance, and optimum viewing angle of the 3D LED screen.

For those with curve radians LED screens, curve radian data also needs to be provided.

Completing an 3D LED screen project can elevate your business to new heights. By considering the factors mentioned above and collaborating with a reputable company, you can ensure a successful and memorable experience.


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