Advantages of Common Cathode Technology

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"Common cathode" refers to the common cathode power supply, which is actually an energy-saving technology for LED displays. That refers to the red, green, and blue LEDs are provided separate currents and voltages(2.8V for red LEDs, 3.8V for green and blue LEDs). Since the red, green and blue LED beads require different optimal working voltage and current, so that the current will first pass through the lamp bead and then to the cathode of the ICs, the forward voltage drop will be reduced, and the on-state The internal resistance will be reduced.

Common cathode technology brings a lot of advantages to the LED display.

Independent Power Supply & Energy-saving

Common cathode drive architecture are using precise electronic control. Basing on the different photoelectric characteristics of red, green and blue LEDs, with common cathode IC control system and independent private mode, different led drive circuits can be accurately allocated different voltage, so that the power consumption of the common cathode products is lower than common anode products. They are more power-saving and energy-saving.

Less Heat Production

We use 2.8V for red LEDs, 3.8V for green and blue LEDs instead of 5V for all the LEDs, so the power consumption of the common cathode products is low. And the LED display can generate lesser heat when it is working.

True and Stable Colour Output

The common cathode driving method can accurately control the voltage, reduce power consumption, and heat generation of the LED display. And the LED display can operate continuously without wavelength drift and display the original color stably.

Screen Life Enhancement

The lower energy consumption of the common cathode LED display greatly reduces the temperature rise of the system, thus effectively reducing the probability of damage to the LED display, improving the stability and reliability of the entire display system, and more effectively extending the life of the LED display.

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