Benefits of Transparent LED Displays

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A transparent LED display is one of the LED display products. The design of the transparent LED display breaks the stereotype of the traditional LED display box, and the design is very innovative. Transparent LED display has been loved by many customers as soon as it entered the market.  Do you know  the advantages of transparent LED display?

In general, there are the following five advantages.

1. Screen light transmission

  The transparency of the transparent LED display is high, up to more than 90%, so the installation of transparent LED display screen will not block the human viewing field, which can not be achieved by the traditional LED display.

 transparent LED display    

2. The cabinet is exquisite and compact

The box structure of the transparent LED display is generally made of aluminum, which not only looks beautiful but also is very light, with a weight as light as 4.3kg. Such a lightweight box is not only cheaper to transport than traditional LED displays, but also easier and more convenient to assemble and maintain.

transparent LED display

 3. Wide range of applications

The transparent LED display can be used indoors or outdoors. This product does not require a complicated installation structure and can fit well into the glass installation, so the installation scene is very wide. It is mostly used for concerts, exhibitions and high-end shopping malls.

4. Easy maintenance

Your LED transparent screen requires minimal maintenance. Led strips have a long life expectancy and can be replaced quickly and easily when needed without having to replace the entire module. With repairs done in minutes at a very low cost, your digital led signs will last for years.

5. Easily update marketing content

It is very simple to operate and update the LED transparent screen. For portable LED poster displays you can program the LED display directly from your computer, for larger custom LED displays (e.g. walls, curves or cylinders) a control system unit connected to the computer allows you to make changes as needed.

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