Top Tips to Buy the Outdoor LED Display

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The outdoor LED displays are favored by most clients because of their seamless connection, color contrast, and flexible installation, etc.

And how can we buy high-quality products when purchasing an outdoor LED full-color screen? I will share it with you next.

outdoor LED displays

First, look at the flatness of the LED screen. In order to ensure that the LED display image will not be distorted, the surface flatness of the outdoor LED display must be kept within ±1mm.

If it can't meet the requirement, and the phenomenon of local concave and convex will lead to the problem that the viewing angle of the outdoor LED display has a dead angle when playing video. Therefore, it can be said that flatness is a major factor in judging the quality of outdoor LED displays.

outdoor LED display

Second, look at the brightness of the LED screen. Generally speaking, the brightness of the outdoor LED display should reach more than 4000cd/m2 to ensure the display work normally, otherwise, it will not be bright enough for everyone to see the content of the images played. Therefore, if you are looking for an outdoor LED screen with an excellent effect, you should look at the quality of the LED lamp and its brightness parameters.

outdoor LED display

Finally, look at the white balance of the LED screen. When the ratio of red, green and blue is 3:6:1, the screen will display the purest white. Therefore, if the display produced by the outdoor LED display manufacturer has a slight deviation in the proportion of the three primary colors, it will lead to a deviation in the white balance, which will affect the display quality of the outdoor LED display, so it is also very important to check white balance when purchasing.

outdoor LED display

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