Buyers Guide to Outdoor Rental Led Display

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Some years ago, projectors were widely used in outdoor events for projecting images, documents, videos etc. but in recent times, the outdoor rental led display is widely in use, and it makes the job a lot more interesting and easier.

Considering the option of buying a led display for your business can be economical. However, the cost can be a little above the belt. Because of this, you might consider another option which could produce the same result. This other option is the rental led display.

Renting an outdoor led display saves you the cost and stress of buying and maintenance.

We have been in the outdoor rental led display business for a long time now and gathered ample experience with several clients from all over the world. Our experience stands out for us and gives us the necessary competitive advantage.

If you are considering renting a n outdoor led display, then here are a few tips for you.


What types of Outdoor Led Displays are available?

There are several outdoor led displays available, and a few of them are listed below


Ori Pro

The Ori Pro is a very flexible design with pixel protection design, excellent performance and light weight. Its light weight makes it easy to install and unmount, making it one of the best options for any of your outdoor events.

The design of the Ori Pro is made to protect the product. This protection is enhanced by “L” shaped steel plates  on each corner.

Also, the ori pro is easy to repair, and is suitable for use in cinemas, stages and for advertisements.

Outdoor Led Displays


The Or2 is unique in its way and this makes it stand out among the others. The LED module is adequately protected from damage thanks to a variety of safeguards. Fast locks ensure a tighter fit with no gaps.

The cabinet's anti-collision pin corners safeguard the module and led lighting. Magnalium die-casting makes the cabinet weatherproof for outdoor use.

This design is safe and reliable, providing a stunning vision and flexible installation.

The cabinet is made up of magnesium alloy, which is more durable than aluminum. Meanwhile, the cabinet is easier to install and move than the aluminum cabinet because it is lighter.

In addition, the led modules used are of very high quality PCB.  This makes the led screen last longer than those from other manufacturers do. It is easy to install and provides more angles and creativity.


Or Ultra

Our OR Ultra series uses a front and rear module maintenance architecture to satisfy the various needs of live events productions. The LED panel will be more secure with N52 type strong magnets on the LED modules. P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, and P4.8 pixel pitches are offered.

The design is excellent and has a safe module design. All components, including receiving cards, hub boards, power supplies, and other accessories, are housed in a removable box that can be swapped out in a matter of seconds. This cuts down on "downtime" during the event significantly.

Furthermore, heat sink strips are located on the backside of the control box, assisting in the cooling of the power supply. It is made up of superior quality materials and therefore durable.


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