Five Parameters You Must Know When Choosing a LED Screen

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    With the development of led display technology, Led screen become available to more and more companies, activities holders and even individual who wants to increase visibility. And the screen can be placed indoor and outdoor, also it can be fixed or used for rental. So if you’re looking for a screen to raise the awareness or visibility of your business, the following five parameters you must know when choosing a suitable led screen.

    First of all, we need to know a basic conception that a screen is made of several cabinets and cabinets are consist of numerous modules. So the first factor we need to pay attention to is the led used on the modules.


  1. Two mainly used leds: SMD and DIP

    Someone new to the led market may have no idea of the two conceptions. They stands for two different packaging technology of led lamp: surface mounted devices and dual pin inline. SMD mainly used for pixel pitch under 10 while DIP used for pixel pitch above 10. Some of you may be familiar to models like SMD2727 and DIP546, they are showing the types of led lamp. The led will affect the flatness, viewing angle and the power of your screen, that’s why we should pay attention to the led lamp.


  1. High-quality IC

    Another important thing on the pcb is IC which means integrated circuit. IC is in charge of functions such as driving the display and controlling the drive current. An IC will affect the visual effect of the screen. The IC is directly relevant to refresh rate and grayscale which will be introduced later. Some IC types you can choose: 2055IC, 2065IC, MBI5252 and MBI5253. All of them are high-quality which will help you demonstrate your image vividly.


  1. Refresh rate

    The refresh rate is the number of times per second that the image is repeated on the screen, in Hertz. It is an important index to characterize the stability and non-flicker of the LED display screen. The higher the refresh rate, the lower the image flicker, the higher the image clarity. On the contrary, the lower the refresh rate, the image on the screen is more likely to have ghosting effect. Now, the manufacturers can provide 3840Hz which means a image repeated 3840 times per second, so the fluency and definition are perfect.


  1. Grayscale

    Grayscale shows how many variations can a screen make from the darkest to the brightest, in bits. A screen with high-gray-level can demonstrate the dark part of the image clearly and  the overall visual effect will be more clear, smooth and bright. LED display screen can achieve 13bits-16bits. And if the screen employs both 14bits and 3840Hz, the effect will be amazing.



  1. IP rated

    IP means Ingress Protection, it is the protection level of electrical equipment shell against external body intrusion. For example, IP68 is the highest level, 6 means the level of contacting and protecting the outside objects: completely prevent dust from outside entering the cabinet. The second number 8 shows waterproof protection level: the cabinet can be immersed in water for a long time under certain pressure. No matter where the screen will be installed, it should be protected well for longtime use. Usually, IP 43 is enough for indoor screen and IP65 for outdoor screen.

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