How to Choose Outdoor Rental LED Display

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In recent years, outdoor rental LED displays have become more and more popular in outdoor activities. It can be seen on performance stages, wedding celebrations, New Year concerts and any other outdoor events. The permeability, accessibility and flexibility of outdoor rental LED displays are fully utilized in all kinds of outdoor activities. Outdoor rental LED displays allow people to see the performers more clearly, and make the actual effect of the event better. Then how do we choose an outdoor rental LED display and what are the factors to consider?


The brightness has a great influence on the outdoor rental LED display. Too much brightness can harm the human visual sense. But if the brightness is too low, it will lead to a lack of clarity of the display. Usually, the brightness of the outdoor rental LED display should be above 4000cd/m2 so that it can show a better effect.


Outdoor rental LED displays are usually with die-casting aluminum cabinet design. Die-casting aluminum is lighter and thinner than steel. And it has better stability. So outdoor rental LED displays with die-casting aluminum cabinets are easy to install and disassemble at any time.

Special Protection

Unlike the fixed LED displays, rental LED displays are installed, disassembled and transported more frequently. So it is more likely to damage the rental LED display. Premteco accommodates the special needs of outdoor rental LED displays. The panel of outdoor rental LED display has a bottom module protection design. There are two anti-collision pins at the bottom of the panel to raise the bottom module up by 3mm and prevent it from crashing if the panel hits the floor.

Fast Installation 

The rental LED screen aims at all kinds of events. The screen needs to be repeatedly installed and disassembled during the event, which will take a lot of time and labor cost. Therefore, the market has higher requirements for the convenient installation of rental LED screens. The fast locks from Premteco are designed to connect the cabinets. The operation is very simple, and the two cabinets can be assembled and disassembled within 5 seconds.

Easy Repair

If there is something wrong with the screen, it is necessary to respond quickly. The screen should be replaced quickly to ensure the performance and events smoothly. For Premteco’s outdoor rental series, the receiving card, power supply, and hub card are built in a control box in the back of the cabinet. If there is any problem with the LED panel, you can replace the whole control box in a few seconds. That greatly reduces the downtime during the event.

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