Whether to choose a video processor?

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One of the main accessories of the LED display is the controller, and the video processor is a kind of LED display controller. Since there are so many types of LED controllers, there may remain a doubt whether to choose a video processor for your project. If you have this question, then please read this article.

First, let’s take a look at the functions of the video processor

1)Multiple input connectors. Normal LED display controllers only support DVI or HDMI, but video processors allow the screen to have more connectors like HDMI, SDI, DP, etc. And the type and number of interfaces can be customized.

2) Great load capacity. The loading capacity of the video processor is generally larger than that of the ordinary controller. The High-end video processor could drive more than one LED controller and make the screen appear one full image.

3) Easy control. In the case of controlling the same number of LED displays, the operation process of the video processor to control the LED display and manage the content of the display will be simpler than that of a general controller. The video processor can realize multi-screen playback on the same screen, and it is more convenient and flexible to use the video processor to manage and control more than 2 multiple LED displays at the same time.

4)The video processor has other functions, such as fade-in, fade-out, picture in picture, etc.



Through the functions of the video processor, we can know that the function of the video processor will be more comprehensive than the ordinary LED control box. So whether you want to use a video processor depends on whether you need the functions of a video processor. For rental LED screens, we recommend using a video processor.

There are four common brands of video processors we use in China. They are RGBlink, Videowall, Main image, and Novastar.

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