How does Premteco out door product save the power consumption of the LED display?

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Green environmental protection has become a major theme of today's era. Nowadays, all walks of life are also advocating the manufacture of green and environmental friendly products. Our Premteco also provide our solution to save the power consumption of the LED display from the following aspects:

1) By using high-efficiency LEDs, the light-emitting chips do not cut corners. The led brands we used are famous and quality-guaranteed in the market, such as Nation star and MTC leds.

2) Excellent screen heat dissipation design to reduce fan power consumption. We used aluminum as the cabinet material which is not only make the screen lighter but also better for heat dissipation. Thus we could adopt the no fan design to prevent the foreign matter from outside. And there won’t have fan power consumption cost any more.

3) Scientific overall circuit scheme, reduce the internal line power consumption. The power consumption of our outdoor LED screen products is 60% less than that of other manufacturers' products. We are using 2.8V for red LED chip, and 3.8V for green and blue LED chip. In this way, the maximum power consumption of the screen could be as low as about 350W/sqm. Comparing the regular design of outdoor SMD LED display with 800W/sqm from other suppliers, our screen is super energy saving.

4) We provide the light sensor to adjust the brightness of the screen to reduce wasted work. The screen control system receives system data and automatically converts it into brightness suitable for the environment to broadcast the image. According to the change of the external environment, the brightness of the outdoor display can be automatically adjusted, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. And with the software of the control system, the brightness of different periods can be set. For example, the brightness can be set to 4500nits at 7-9AM and 6000nits at 2-4 PM.

With all these measures, our Premteco outdoor products are super energy saving and environmental friendly. It helps our clients saving annual electricity bill. And we Premteco has built up outstanding reputation in the industry by supplying consistent and reliable LED display products, which allow you to build a strong brand image, and catch the attention of new potential customers or enhance the visual performance of your stage. If you need any LED displays, please kindly contact us!


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