What is the difference between P6 and P10 outdoor full-color display?  How to choose? 

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First of all, let's understand what P stands for between P6 and P10. Here, ‘P’ refers to the pixel pitch. The smaller the pixel pitch, the greater the number of LED dots in the same area, and the effects will be sharper.

Of course, the higher the pixel density, the more information display capacity, the closer the suitable viewing distance. The lower the pixel density, the less capacity the information will display, and the further the suitable viewing distance will be.

Moreover, if the pixel pitch is not the same in one product, the price is also different. The production difficulty will increase accordingly, and the natural cost will go up, so the price will be relatively improved.

Since the P6.67 is clearer, we suggest that customers may consider choosing P6.67 when the screen area is relatively small. If the LED display area is relatively large, generally more than 15-20 square meters, we suggest customers consider P10.

Here is the module appearance of P6 and p10. Left is P6, and right is P10.

Actual Visual Effect on small screen. Left is P6, and right is P10.

In fact, most of the time, customers need to choose the right product according to the needs of the project. When you have a clear picture/video on the screen, you can select P6 and below. If you just need to show simple text advertisement, P10 is not a bad choice.

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