2022 FIFA World Cup, LED Display Is Never Absent

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On November 20, the 2022 Qatar World Cup kicked off. Lusail Stadium is the largest competition stadium of this World Cup and also the final venue. The venue covers an area of 190,000 square meters and can accommodate more than 80,000 spectators. In the venue, two large LED scoring screens with a height of more than 20 meters from the ground and over 70 square meters are particularly eye-catching.

Below we briefly introduce several common stadium LED screens.

Perimeter screen

The LED display around the football field are perimeter screens, which are mainly used to play commercial advertisements, and can also replay the wonderful shots on the field. Due to the particularity of the venue and the climate where the competition is held, there are different requirements for the LED screen used. For example, Qatar, a country in the Middle East, has a very dry climate, and football is a large-scale outdoor sport, which requires LED displays to have the characteristics of high heat dissipation and high brightness. Considering the fast speed of the players and the strong impact, it is necessary to provide high protection for the players and the LED perimeter screen. It must withstand the test of harsh environments such as sun exposure, rain, high and low-temperature changes, ultraviolet rays, earthquake resistance, typhoons, etc., to ensure the stability and safety of the stadium perimeter screen.

Live video wall

The live video wall is composed of many LED displays, including ceiling-mounted, curved, free-standing, etc., which have the advantages of wide viewing angle and high image definition. It can display the entire image or divide it into different windows, so as to ensure that each viewer at any location will not miss every wonderful shot of the live broadcast of the event. At the same time, it relies on features such as high contrast, high refresh rate, and high color reproduction, which can truly synchronize the game situation and attract potential sponsors.

Score LED display

The score screen, as the name suggests, is a LED display used to record the scores of both sides, the game time and other information. Because of its self-illumination and high brightness, the audience can see it from a long distance, so it is very popular. The score screen has developed along with the history of the LED display, and has also gone through the process from monochrome to full color. Today's scoreboards are becoming more and more technological. The smaller the pitch, the higher the resolution of the picture; the larger the area, the more clearly the audience on the playground can see; The broadcast content is richer, it not only can play the results of the game on time, but also can play the patterns of the representatives of the two sides of the game, and the time till the start of the race, etc.

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