What Are the Application Fields of LED Transparent Screen

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In recent years, with the expansion of the LED display industry market, many application fields have continued to expand. As a rising star in the LED display industry, LED transparent screen has the advantages of light and thin, no need for steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, and good permeability. Transparent LED displays have been widely used in many fields. Let us find out together today.


LED transparent screen can be constructed in a variety of ways according to the stage shape. Using the transparent, light and thin characteristics of the screen body itself, it can produce a strong perspective effect. At the same time, the transparent LED display leaves space for the lights, rendering a certain atmosphere and dynamics to the stage, and better expressing the theme.

Glass window

LED transparent screen is installed in the glass window of the store, and you can see the panoramic environment of the store at a glance. LED transparent screen has brought revolutionary changes to retailers.


With the rise of the LED display industry, LED transparent screens are effectively combined with modern artistic beauty and shopping mall environments and are widely used in shopping malls.

Chain store

With unique designs, the LED transparent screen can replace the traditional LED display on the exterior wall of the chain stores, and can display rich and vivid video advertisements, making the store cool and eye-catching.

Science and technology museum

The science and technology museum is an important scene for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. The LED transparent screen can be customized in special shape, and their shapes can be changed by obliquely cutting the box. The transparent LED displays can help the visitors to better perceive the magic and mystery of science and technology.

Architectural media

High-rise buildings in the city are very ideal outdoor advertising carriers. People try to turn the entire building into a three-dimensional photoelectric advertising carrier through various technical means such as LED and projection. This technology is called "building media" technology.

With the development of LED technology, architectural media technology has also made great progress, especially in glass curtain wall buildings. LED transparent display screens are usually attached to the glass keel and combined with the glass curtain wall to achieve good advertising effects.

Renting industry

More and more renting industries tend to apply transparent screens. The LED transparent screen products used for renting need to be light in weight, thin in structure, with hoisting and quick installation functions. The screen can be accurately and quickly set up and dismantled, and different shapes can be combined to meet the on-site modeling and display requirements.

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LED transparent screen has undoubtedly become a dark horse in the field of LED display subdivision, and its wide application has been accepted by more and more users. This also indicates that innovation plays a key role in the field of LED display. If LED transparent screens want to achieve further development in the field of commercial display, they need to increase investment in technology and innovation and improve products according to the terminal needs of the commercial display market. In this way, the pace of expanding of transparent screens will gradually accelerate, and it is expected to become an important development direction of the display industry in the future. If you have any inquiries about transparent LED displays, please kindly contact us directly.


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