How to Choose Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

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What’s fine pixel pitch LED

Well, it’s a direct view LED display, version 2.0. Like your trusty ole LED displays that you set up for big installations, fine pixel pitch LED screens rely on the same kind of tech, but better. Light emitting diodes create all the magic you need to show off your awesome content in fine pixel pitch LEDs, just like in direct view LED screens. You just get more of them.

What’s the tech all about? Specifically, LEDs are tiny semiconductors that convert electricity running through the screen and transform it into light. Also, each one has a specific chemical that produces the blue, red or green colors that make up images so clear and colorful they seem lifelike. Then there’s a cluster of one blue, one red and one green LED so that together they make up one full color pixel.

And therein lies the rub. Or the magic, if we’re talking fine pixel pitch LED displays. Because the more pixels you have that make up your screen, the better your digital signage content, like videos or images, looks when people get super close to your screens. However, if the pixels LEDs create aren’t placed extremely close together, you get that awful boxy looking effect where you see all the little squares that make up the images on your screen when you get up close to the displays.

Basically, pixel pitch is all about how close pixels are to each other, in millimeters. Fine pixel pitch LED displays have only a tiny space between pixels. Since pixels get placed really close together, you’ve got more of them, so the screen resolution is higher. Therefore image quality’s great even if someone’s standing nose to the screen. Which means your digital signage content rocks.

Factors to consider when choosing a fine pixel pitch LED display

1. Delicate and True Picture Performance

1) When the camera is shooting at various angles, the wide viewing angle ensures that the picture quality is not lost due to the angle change, and at the same time, there should be no reflected light spots including moiré on the led screen surface.

2) To respond to the camera's full tracking and shooting, the details and information of the image captured by the camera must be clear and without omission, high color reproduction and low brightness and high gray technology enhance the sense of hierarchy and vividness.

3) Intelligent brightness adjustment adapts to the brightness of different environments in the studio, and the led display screen performs better.

2. Reliable Live Broadcast Quality

1) The live broadcast scene needs to overcome the interference caused by atmospheric overvoltage, electromagnetic waves, radio and static electricity.

2) Due to the rich sources of live broadcast signals, it needs to be compatible with various video signals, the signal transmission quality is reliable and stable, and it supports 7x24 hours of uninterrupted operation and display of various videos and data.

In order to avoid broadcast accidents such as black screen during live broadcast, the display needs to have reliable power supply and signal redundancy functions.

3. Simple and Convenient Control System

1) It can monitor the operation of the screen in real time, and realize the remote control of the content played on the screen in real time, feedback problems in time, and propose solutions to ensure normal performance.

2) Synchronous switching of any signal, adapt to different studio scenes and abundant signal sources.

4. Convenient Installation and Maintenance

1) The led display installation design is exquisite, and reasonable maintenance channels are reserved, effectively saving space.

2) Not only in the field of radio and television studios, but also users with indoor display application needs also need to consider the hardware and system advantages of small pixel pitch led screens when selecting models.

Looking for a fine pixel pitch LED display supplier

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