How to Cool Outdoor LED Display Well?

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When it comes to summer, outdoor LED displays will face various problems. High temperature is one of them. High temperature will increase the failure rate of electronic components inside the LED display, which will lead to a decrease in the reliability of the LED display. Today Premteco will take you to learn the solution to the heat dissipation of outdoor LED displays.

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Here are some good ways to handle this cooling problem of outdoor LED displays.

  • One of the cheap and highly effective methods of reducing heat dissipation on your outdoor LED screen is to invest in a fan. This method can serve you as a common and beneficial way to maintain the performance of your LED display.
  • The usage of aluminum fins also serves as an efficient and common practice that reduces heat dissipation. You can use these aluminum fins as an addition to the shell and increase the dissipation area of the LED display.
  • Another effective way is to perform heat conduction and heat dissipation integration practices. Here, with the help of high thermal conductivity ceramics, the LED chip is soldered. As a result, the high and low temperature of thermal stress doesn’t affect the LED chip from damage.
  • You can also go for the heat pipe technology for heat dissipation. You can do this by simply allowing a heat pipe to make the heat travel from the LED display chip and then reach toward the shell heat sink fins of the screen.
  • If you go for the air-fluid mechanics to handle the heating dissipation of your outdoor LED screen, you need to utilize the shape of the lamp housing in the LED screen. This shape will create convective air inside and serve your display as an efficient cooling option.
  • Next up is a surface radiation heat treatment. ?You can perform this by applying radiation heat sink paint on the lamp shell. As a result, this paint would radiate this heat away from the surface of the lamp shell.
  • Last, but yet, another highly efficient method to handle the heating dissipation of your outdoor LED screen is to increase the heat-conducting and heat-dissipating ability of the plastic shell. This method is helpful because of the plastic shell of your LED display filled with specific material for heat-conducting during its injection molding.  

outdoor LED displays

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Outdoor LED displays are affected by many environmental factors, and high temperature is just one of them. Only those LED displays with excellent quality can remain invincible.

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