What Benefits Can Small Pitch LED Displays Offer?

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The development of LED displays with lower pixel pitches has significantly enhanced picture quality and decreased viewing distance.

The application of small pixel pitch LED displays in the indoor field is widely chosen by the industry now that the small pixel pitch LED display factory has addressed the technological issues of "high brightness and low gray."

It offers a wide range of potential applications due to its features of no seam, extended life, low energy consumption, and wide color gamut.

The benefits of small-pitch LED displays will be covered in this blog post.

 small-pitch LED displays

The benefits of a conference room LED display with a small pitch

Seamless splicing

The modules are closely spliced to achieve seamless splicing effect on the whole screen.

The entire screen's color and brightness are uniform

The conference room LED screen uses a modular combination and is capable of point-by-point proofreading.

After extensive use, it will no longer display color and brightness differences across modules; instead, even the edges and partial color blocks will turn dark. It may maintain the same height across the entire screen.

Enhanced contrast and freshness

There won't be any smear in the high-speed motion image display, and it can deliver a greater clarity and richer picture.

Advantages of outdoor small pitch LED display

Nowadays, with the development of technology, small-pitch LED displays can also be used in outdoor scenes.  These are some of its benefits:

 Outdoor Small Pitch LED Display

High contrast ratio & excellent visual effect

Premteco outdoor small pitch series products have excellent visual performance, because we use pure black substrate and high brightness flip chip, and the color contrast ratio is even better than 8000:1. At the same time, the flip-chip RGB chip has the same height, and the side visual effect has no module color difference. There is no bonding wire process, the chip is directly fixed on the pad, and it is more stable, even in a strong light environment. The screen looks very clear and the visual effect looks perfect.

Common cathode design

Outdoor small pitch display screens, with dense lamp beads, will generate a lot of heat, and the temperature of outdoors is often very high. In order to solve the heat dissipation problem, we adopt the common cathode technology. In the common cathode mode, the R, G and B chips supply power separately, and the voltage and current are accurately distributed to the red, green and blue diodes. This independent and accurate power supply method improves the efficiency of the power supply, makes the power consumption lower, and can reduce its own heat by about 40%, and lower pixel failure rate, thus improving the overall performance of the display screen and prolonging the screen lifespan.

Flip chip technology

Premteco outdoor small pitch display screens use flip chip technology, and the lamp beads have larger luminous area, higher brightness, better heat dissipation capacity, longer product service life and better antistatic ability.

GOB technology

GOB is a technical process that uses epoxy glue to innovatively seal the surface of the module to form effective protection. It can help our small pitch LED displays to achieve true waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-scratch, anti-collision, anti-knock, anti-UV and other characteristics. It can also increase the ink color consistency and contrast of the product, and reduce the moiré effect of the product. At the same time, it can also increase the flatness of the module.

Innovative cabinet design

Our cabinet of outdoor small pitch LED displays can be cut into a 45° angle and then spliced into a 90 degree angle seamlessly, without the black line. This feature allows the screen to fit 90 degree shape wall-mounted installation perfectly.

Multiple functions

Based on some of the above design advantages, our outdoor small pitch LED screens can be used in many ways, such as fixed screens, rental screens and floor tile screens. Versatility makes it infinitely possible.

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The small pixel pitch LED display factory lowers the cost through technological advancement and other methods while strengthening the capacity to create pertinent auxiliary software and other complete solutions. This swiftly increases the small pixel pitch LED display factory's competitiveness.

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