LED Display Banner: What Is It and How Can It Help Your Business?

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LED display banner is also called totem screen, outdoor digital banner, poster screen or mirror LED screen (indoor type) which is a multifunctional digital advertising element that can be installed anywhere in the store. Since the LED screen banner was launched in 2013, its novel and unique design have been loved by the market.

What is a LED display banner?

A LED poster is a piece of urban equipment used to present information both outdoors and indoors. It is an all-in-one standalone screen that is made by placing a huge number of small light-emitting diodes together. These digital displays can spread messages which can include text, images, or videos.

LED display banner

Here are some benefits of LED display banners to advertise your business.

Build your brand

Whenever people see your banner or poster, it helps to reinforce your company's good image. Place your banner or poster in a high-traffic part of your location and the chances of it reaching your customer increases.

It is memorable

When people need the service or product you offer, they'll more likely to remember your business through your digital advertising banners or posters. For example, if you're in a town center restaurant, you might place your banner or poster on the high street. People will recall your business when they want to dine out. The reason behind this is that people will pass by your banner or poster lots of times every day. If your contact details are on your banner or poster, your customers have an easier means of reaching you.

It is more flexible 

A LED display banner is lightweight, front maintenance, and fashionable making it extremely easy and flexible for you to install. 

With LED display banners, you can change the content instantly. It can show multiple things in a span of a few minutes and you can easily experiment with different pieces of content. This gives you the power to engage with your audience on a much more effective level. And when there’s a successful engagement, there are sales and growth.

It is cost-efficient 

When you have a static poster, what it can express is limited – show exactly 1 type of content. If you want to change something you’d have to pay for the printing, the design, the mounting, and the actual physical change. Now digital is completely different. It can help you to change the content very quickly and directly and also saves money.

LED display banner

Get your own LED display banner today!

PTC provides two series of LED display banners. Our LED display banner is available for both indoors and outdoors. The LED display banner can support Wi-Fi, CAT5, and even remote control via the internet. It can run videos, images and texts without computers after the display’s configuration is done. Our outdoor digital LED screens use very good materials so that its gray scale can be up to 14 bits, and refresh rate can be up to 3840 Hz. With its splendid performance, the screen can catch customers' attention quickly. If you need help to get started with our LED display banners, just contact us today!


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