What are the advantages of a mobile LED screen?

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Nowadays, advertising is everywhere. The main thing for advertisers is to attract people's attention, it is because of such a demand, giving birth to mobile LED display. Mobile LED screen is mainly installed on mobile vehicles such as trucks and trailers, breaking through the many restrictions of the installation environment. Here, Premteco introduces the advantages of mobile LED display!


Compared to other LED screens, mobile LED screens are always in motion. The advertising information can be played at any time with the car on the road, which has a stronger ability to spread and covers a larger area than a fixed advertising platform. 

Replacing traditional paper media

Usually, there is a festival or business activity that needs to make and put up a lot of posters and banners, which consume a lot of paper. After the activity, it is very troublesome to clean up, and a lot of garbage will be produced. If the mobile LED display is used, not only can the waste of paper be reduced, but also the cleaning time can be reduced, and more diversified display effects can be obtained.

High brightness and adaptability

With ultra-high brightness LED, it can still be clearly seen at a distance under the sunlight. From south to north, from east to west, cold, hot, wet and dry environments are suitable.

Easy operation

Whether using a computer or a mobile phone, it is very convenient to change information and play videos. And it just needs one professional person to run the screen.

Modular design

Display, control and power supply are designed separately, which makes each system more stable and convenient to maintain.

About Premteco

Premteco has built up outstanding reputation in the industry by supplying consistent and reliable LED display products, which allow you to build a strong brand image, and catch the attention of new potential customers or enhance the visual performance of your stage. Meanwhile, we keep updating advanced facility and automatic machines. In addition, we are fiercely committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. Your needs are our responsibility! We strive to be the most innovative and the first-class global production enterprises.


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