What Are the Applications of Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display?

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Fine pitch LED displays have a wide range of applications, mainly for the indoor high-end display market, including command and dispatch centers, security monitoring, video conferences, exhibitions, radio and television studios, weather information centers, etc. 

Fine pitch LED displays

Security monitoring

The significant advantage of the small pixel pitch LED display is that screen can be seamlessly spliced, and the size can be expanded infinitely in theory. Moreover, the installation mode is flexible and diverse and operation and maintenance cost is low. The application of LED small pitch technology in the security monitoring market largely ensures the timeliness and accuracy of security monitoring.

Conference room

From the perspective of future demand, especially the demand for remote office that has continued to accelerate since the epidemic, larger images and better bright image quality effects are almost a must for the conference room display market. In the future, the demand for immersive conference rooms will become the main competitive advantage of small pitch LEDs relying on large screens and high brightness to enter the conference room scene.

 fine pitch LED displays

TV studio

The technical index requirements for the color temperature, brightness, grayscale, viewing angle, contrast ratio and refresh rate of the display panel in the studio are quite demanding. Small pitch screen can easily meet the application of such scenes in all technical indicators. And it is more excellent in contrast and color. So the broadcasting application will be an important territory of HD LED.

Electronic games

New and better technologies make our gaming experience even more exciting. One such technology is virtual reality. For a great experience, everything from display to sound must be of high quality when playing in an interactive gaming system. The fine pixel pitch LED display helps achieve the exact purpose of a high-quality display, making our interactive gaming experience better.

Smart transportation

In the traffic command and control center, the small pitch LED display can play the role of a monitoring display platform. The split-screen function of the LED display processor can effectively manage and supervise each traffic monitoring area and road section in real time, which is inseparable from the feature of small pitch LED display supporting 7*24 hours of uninterrupted operation.

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