What Features Should A Rental Led Screen Have?

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The application range of LED rental screens is becoming more and more extensive. If you are thinking of organizing an outdoor event. The rental display would be great. They are special designed for events, stages, and other activities.

rental led display

In the view of the customer needs, Premteco's rental series is closer to the situation of installation and maintenance, which will reduce the unnecessary obstacles for users.

So, what features should a rental LED screen have?


1. The security

LED rental screens will most be lifting or wall-mounted installation. These two installation methods have very high requirements for the weight and safety of the screen. Especially for the lifting, the display must be very light and thin, and the connection must be safe and reliable to ensure the normal work of the site.

rental led display

2.The fast installation and disassembly

The rental LED screen aims at kinds of events, the screen needs to be repeatedly installed and disassembled during this time, there will take a lot of time and labor cost, Therefore, the market has higher requirements for the convenient installation of LED rental screens.

The fast locks from Premteco is designed to connect the cabinets, the operation is very simple, and the two cabinets can be assemble and disassemble within 5 seconds.

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3. Easy to Repair

If there is any something wrong with the screen, it is necessary to respone quickly, the screen should be replaced quickly to ensure the performance and events smoothly.

Premteco’s rental series, its receiving card, power supply, and hub card are built in a control box in the back of the cabinet.

If there is any problem with the LED panel, you can replace the whole control box in a few seconds. That greatly reduces the “downtime” during the event.

rental led display

These grand features allow the our rental series to be perfect for event stage designers who demand the very best when it comes to visual effect while increasing work efficiency and minimizing risks on the field.

rental led display

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