White leds VS Black leds, which one to choose for your LED screen?

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We found such an interesting phenomenon in the display industry: for SMD LED, in the past, most LED displays used white lights, especially in the field of outdoor LED display. However, in recent years, more and more black lights have appeared in the market, especially in the field of small pixel pitch LED display and stage background LED screen. And why?

Firstly, what is "white led"?

LED is assembled by plastic support and chip. In the early stage, because the brightness of the chip is not high, engineers made the plastic support into a white bowl shape to enhance the focusing reflection, so as to ensure that the chip with low brightness can achieve a brighter effect. However, the white lamp also has disadvantages. When it wants to show black and gray, the natural color of its LED (white) also participates in the color to be expressed by the electronic display screen, resulting in color distortion (unable to show black, gray, dark green, etc.). Engineers compensate for the lack of brightness of the chip by losing color expressiveness.

But now, with the development of technology, the brightness and luminous efficiency of the chip have been greatly improved. Led beads can achieve satisfactory results without making them white. At the same time, in order to meet people's requirements for image fidelity and improve the contrast of LED display, domestic and foreign LED display packaging manufacturers have developed black lights with higher contrast and more realistic images. Now let's look at the effect and difference between black light and white light screen of PREMTECO, as shown in the following picture:

                                                                                    Black light(5000nits) on the left and white light(6500nits) on the right

Black LED display is made of black led with encapsulated plastic support. Compared with the general white LED display, the black LED display has the following advantages and characteristics:

1. Higher contrast and richer display colors.

For the performance effect of LED display screen, the higher the fidelity, the better the performance of the display screen, and the fidelity is mainly determined by the two indicators of image contrast and color. Contrast is very important to the visual effect. Generally speaking, the greater the contrast, the clearer the image and the brighter the color; Small contrast will make the whole picture gray. High contrast is very helpful for image clarity, detail performance and gray level performance. Therefore, the whole display surface of the display screen made of black light can present an image with uniform color, vitality and deeper color. The contrast of black lamp is 3000:1 and that of white lamp is 1000:1. Therefore, products with small indoor spacing now prefer black lights.

2. The non reflective color is more realistic and the stability of black lamp is better.

The PPA bracket in the black LED lamp bead is black. Because black does not reflect light, that is, it has no reflective ability, so even when there is stray light, the black PPA bracket will absorb all of it and no longer reflect the stray light, so as to reduce the interference of stray light, make the color more real, and there will be no cross color, tailing and mutual interference of various colors, Make the color more pure, clear and realistic.

In particular, the LED stage background screen, due to the numerous colors of projection lights and staggered light and shadow in the stage environment, but due to the above characteristics of black lights, it can avoid the mutual interference of light emitted by various light sources on the stage, so that the stage LED display screen can still clearly see the image on the display screen in the stage environment with serious reflection.

3. Black lamps have low power consumption and are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than white lamps. The power consumption of black tube is 350W / ㎡, and that of white tube is 410W / ㎡.

In order to achieve the display effect, the brightness of the outdoor display screen with ordinary white light often exceeds 5000cd, which is not only easy to cause light pollution and affect the owner's approval, but also increase the owner's electricity charge and increase the operation cost. The black lamp can achieve the same or even better display effect with lower brightness and higher contrast, and is more energy-saving and environment-friendly. It breaks the inherent concept that the higher the brightness, the better, and understands that high contrast can determine the clarity of the image more than brightness.

4. When the screen is not lit, the appearance color is consistent and the display screen is more beautiful.

Through the above comparison, we can know that the white LED display is weaker than the black LED display in some functions, but in terms of cost, the black LED display is more expensive, and the white LED has a strong price advantage. Clients can choose to buy black light or white light display according to their actual use needs.

However, as clients have higher and higher requirements for the display effect of LED display screen, the promotion of continuous development of technology, and under the general trend of paying attention to the light environment, energy conservation and emission reduction in the whole outdoor advertising market, we believe that the black LED display screen with higher fidelity, environmental protection and power saving will become the mainstream.


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