The importance of developing environment-friendly LED display screens.

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Environmental protection has become an important topic in this era. How can LED companies develop and design LED displays that do not produce light pollution? This has become an issue that LED companies must solve.

LED display screens have been widely used in every corner of the city and have become a unique symbol to enhance the city image. However, while beautifying the city, according to the city's environmental pollution index, it has become a new type of pollution, "light pollution".

Light pollution is a new environmental pollution source after gas, water, residue and noise pollution, mainly including white light pollution, artificial sunlight pollution and color light pollution. Light pollution is endangering people's health. In daily life, the common light pollution is mainly caused by the reflection of mirror buildings causing dizziness of pedestrians and drivers, as well as discomfort caused by unreasonable night lighting.

Therefore, as an enterprise, we should pay attention to the problem of "light pollution".

Method 1: use an adjustment system that can automatically adjust the brightness.

Depending on the day and night, in different locations and time periods, a slight change in the brightness of the display screen will have a great effect.

We can collect the surrounding brightness at any time by using the outdoor brightness collection system. The system data is received by the display control system, and automatically converted into the brightness suitable for the environment through software.

Method 2: multi-level gray correction technology.

Ordinary LED display systems use 18-bit color display levels. In some low gray scale and excessive color, the color will be displayed very straightforwardly, which will lead to inappropriate colored light.

The brand-new LED large screen control system adopts 14-bit color display level, which greatly improves the hardness of the color superposition, makes people feel the softness of color when watching, and avoids the discomfort caused by using light.

As a large-size smart commercial display manufacturer, the entire series of PREMTECO products in the future will adopt more scientific and environmentally friendly solutions, which will help large outdoor LED screens truly enter the environment-protecting era. Technology changes life, PREMTECO makes LED display more exciting!


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