What’s the advantages of indoor and outdoor transparent LED screen?

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With the construction of innovative cities, some traditional advertising styles have been gradually eliminated in functional applications in some areas,and technologically advanced transparent LED screens have rapidly emerged in the image of new cities, becoming the object of attention of many advertisers.

Transparent LED screen not only guarantees the lighting structure and lighting requirements and viewing angle range requirements of floors, glass curtain walls, glass windows and other lighting structures in the product use environment, but also has good heat dissipation and anti-aging functions. These advantages pay close attention to how the video advertising media market will become LED display manufacturers in the future. The realization principle of transparent LED display is to micro-innovate the light bar screen. In order to make targeted improvements, the hollow design structure is added on these foundations, and the blocking of sight by unnecessary structural components is reduced to maximize the perspective effect. However, the installation and maintenance of this product is extremely convenient and simple, which can break the traditional LED displays limitations in glass curtain wall applications. Transparent LED screens are also divided into outdoor transparent screens and indoor transparent screens, and have their own advantages.


The Advantages of Indoor Transparent LED Screen:

The indoor LED transparent screen is mostly installed behind the glass curtain wall, and when it is not working during the day, it will not affect the surrounding environment at all.

Compared with the outdoor LED transparent screen, the indoor LED transparent screen does not need such a high level of protection, so its production cost will be correspondingly lower.

At the same time, because it adopts a new form of indoor advertising and outdoor communication, it avoids the approval of outdoor advertising.

The Advantages of Outdoor Transparent LED Screen:

Outdoor waterproof transparent screens are currently mostly used in outdoor interpretation, shopping mall exterior walls, glass curtain walls, theme parks and other fields. Waterproof transparent screens are different from indoor transparent screens. Indoor transparent screens are not waterproofed, which is very dangerous when encountering extreme scenes. The outdoor transparent screen is different. The screen itself has a grille design with its own heat dissipation function. It operates without air conditioning throughout the day, and can also display normally in extreme outdoor weather.

The outdoor transparent screen adopts high-precision glue filling process, the power box is sealed, and the power supply is more energy-saving. In the case of ensuring that the box does free from water, the energy-saving display and the protection level have reached an amazing IP65 protection level.

Therefore, if the LED transparent screen can be used outdoors for a long time, it must withstand the test of wind and rain. Outdoor LED transparent screens not only need to design a professional waterproof structure to increase the sealing of the box, but also add a waterproof board on the top without affecting the appearance,and improve the overall waterproof performance of the LED transparent screen to a certain level.


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