Front and Rear Maintenance of LED Display

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With the continuous development of the economy, the application field of LED display screen in our life is becoming wider and wider. They can be seen indoor advertisements, building advertisements, exhibitions, radio and television, sports venues and other places. LED display is an electronic product,after a period of use or in case of failure, it is necessary to maintain and repair it. But do you know what are the maintenance methods of LED display? And what are the differences between them? Below are some differences.

There are mainly two maintenance methods of LED display: front access and rear maintenance. Before we understand the difference between these two maintenance methods, we must first understand that the selection of maintenance methods is inseparable from the installation method of LED display. The installation methods of LED display screen are mainly wall-mounted installation, mosaic installation, roof type installation, column type installation and so on.

Front access

the biggest feature of it is to save space. For indoor or inlay mounted structures, the space is extremely limited, so there will not be too many places for maintenance. Therefore, the front access can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED display structure, which can not only integrate well with the surrounding building environment, but also save room while ensuring the effect. However, this structure has very high requirements on the heat dissipation function of the equipment.

Rear maintenance

the greatest advantage of rear maintenance is convenience, and the cost is slightly lower. It is suitable for large outdoor LED display and installation scenarios such as roof type, wall mounted and column type. For these large LED display screens installed on the outer wall of the building, it is more convenient for maintenance personnel to inspect and maintain the device when designing maintenance channels from the back of the screen.

To sum up, for different application environments and actual needs, the front access and the rear maintenance need to be flexibly used to better and faster solve the display fault problem. Of course, technical support is also needed. Incompatibility and mismatch during operation should be avoided during maintenance.



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