Daily Maintenance Tips of LED Display

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With the full application of LED display in the market, many consumers often neglect the daily maintenance and repair of LED display. Such long-term use will not only affect the visual experience of users, but also greatly reduce the life of display. There are some tips that may be useful to your daily maintenance. They are as following:

1. The power supply is required to be stable and well grounded.

2. Do not use in harsh natural conditions, such as strong lightning weather and so on.

3. Water, iron powder and other conductive metal objects are strictly prohibited in the screen. The LED display should be placed in a low dust environment as far as possible. Large dust will affect the display effect, and too much dust will damage the circuit.

4. In case of water inflows for various reasons, please cut off the power immediately and contact the maintenance personnel to deal with. Wait until the display panel inside the screen is dry.

5. Switching sequence of LED display: A: Turn on the control computer to make it work normally before turning on the LED display. B: Turn off the LED display before turning off the computer.

6. The surface of the LED display can be wiped with alcohol, or cleaned with a brush and a vacuum cleaner, but not directly with a wet cloth.

7. It is recommended that the LED display should have a rest time of more than 2 hours every day. In the rainy season, the LED display should be used at least once a week. Generally, the screen should be turned on at least once a month and lit for more than 2 hours.

8. The LED display should be regularly checked for normal operation and whether the circuit is damaged. If they are damaged, or even do not work, they should be replaced in time. If the circuit is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

9. When playing, don't stay in the all white, all red, all green, all blue and other all bright pictures for a long time, so as to avoid excessive current, excessive heating of the power cord, damage of the LED lights, which impact on the service life of the display screen. Do not disassemble or splice the screen at will!

10. LED display, main control computer and other related equipment shall be placed in air-conditioned and slightly dusty rooms to ensure ventilation, heat dissipation and stable operation of the computer.

11. Non-professionals are forbidden to touch and maintain the internal circuit of LED display to avoid electric shock or circuit damage; If there is a problem, ask a professional to repair it.

Like traditional electronic products, the LED display screen not only needs to pay attention to using methods, but also needs to be maintained during use, so that the screen can last longer. The above are precautions for the daily maintenance of LED display. I hope it will be helpful for you.


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