What are the installation methods of the display screen?

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With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more people choose to use commercial advertisements to expand the sales market and improve their popularity.Because of its bright colors and clear images, the LED advertising display greatly highlights the commercial value of media advertising, thus becoming the most popular advertisement in the new media era. So in different occasions and places, how to install the display screen to maximize the commercial value, and how to install the display screen is the most suitable? How should we choose the installation method of the screen?


Wall Mounting Type

This installation method is usually used for indoor, semi-outdoor or outdoor.

The first is that the display area of the screen is small, and generally no maintenance channel space is left. The entire screen is removed for maintenance, or it is made into a foldable one-piece frame. The second is that the screen area is slightly larger, and the front maintenance design is generally adopted (that is the front maintenance design, in this case, the splicing assembly method is usually adopted)


Hanging Type

This installation method is usually used for indoor, semi-outdoor or outdoor.

This method is mostly used for indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor Generally used at the entrance of passages and corridors, but also at the entrance of stations, railway stations, subway entrances, etc. Sometimes it is used for traffic guidance on roads, railways, and expressways. Usually, the screen design generally adopts an integrated cabinet design, or a hoisting structure design.


Column Type

The vertical column installs the outdoor screen on the platform or the column. Column is divided into column and double column, in addition to the need to make screen steel structure, but also need to make concrete or steel column, mainly considering the geological conditions of the foundation. LED display mounted on columns is usually used by schools, hospitals, public institutions for publicity, announcements, etc.

There are many types of column installation, generally used for outdoor advertising:

Single column installation: suitable for small screen applications.

Double column installation: suitable for large screen applications.

Closed maintenance channel: suitable for simple box.

Open maintenance channel: suitable for standard box.

Mosaic Type

Inlaid structure is to open a hole in the wall, the display is inlaid in it, the size of the hole is required to conform to the size of the display frame, and do appropriate decoration, in order to facilitate the maintenance of the hole on the wall must be through, otherwise it needs to be removed before the mechanism.

Because the entire LED large screen is embedded in the wall, the screen of the display screen needs to be consistent with the surface of the wall. Usually a simple box design is used, and front maintenance (front maintenance design) is generally adopted. This installation method is used both indoors and outdoors. , but generally used for screens with small dot pitch and small display area, mostly used for building entrances, building halls, etc.

Standing Type

Generally,the integrated cabinet design is adopted, and there are also separate combination designs, which are suitable for indoor screens with small pixel pitch specifications, and generally have a small display area.



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