XR Extended Reality Technology with Rental Screen

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Here I would like to introduce you to the XR extended reality technology. With the development of the virtual entertainment industry, more and more online and TV shows and filming have begun to use virtual studio technology on a large scale, including the Mandalorain movie, the Spring Festival Gala and other night parties to big scale. The appearance of XR technology refreshes the audience.




The working link diagram:

XR stands for Extended Reality, which refers to a combination of real and virtual human-computer interaction environment generated by computer technology and wearable devices. Its workflow includes an LED screen, a camera tracking system, and a powerful graphics engine. Unlike traditional green curtains, XR directly presents virtual scenes, artists can perform immersive performances, and cameras can capture them without technical post-processing. This greatly reduces labor costs and time costs, and has become a popular trend in the market.

The most important link in the realization of XR is the support of the LED screen. Premteco's high-end rental screens and professional solutions have helped our customers achieve XR shots, making us experts in this field. Based on our experience and feedback from our customers, when the screen is for virtual shooting, the led screen asks specification: DCI-P3 wide color gamut at least 90%, 1200nits brightness, 7680Hz, 16bits, wide viewing angle,etc. For more information, please contact us.


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