How to Select Display Screen

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Nowadays, the display screen has become popular all over the world. More and more businesses choose to use the display screen for commercial marketing or exhibition halls, event sites, etc., but many customers don't know how to choose the appropriate display screen. Then this article will tell you what to pay attention to when choosing products.

First of all, sellers often ask what pixel pitch do you want. In fact, "P"-represents the distance between pixels, and the number represents the distance of several millimeters. The smaller the pixels, the denser the dots, and the clearer the video effect. It is suitable for users with small area and close viewing. This kind of display screen is usually installed indoors. On the contrary, the larger the distance, the looser the dots. It is suitable for large-scale and long-distance viewing customers and this kind of display screen is usually installed outdoors. Secondly, customers should clearly know what kind of display screen they need, and whether your display screen is used to display text pictures or videos, so as to choose the most appropriate control system according to different needs.

Brightness:The brightness of indoor and outdoor displays is different. Indoor brightness is usually 800-1200nit, while outdoor displays require higher brightness, usually up to 4500-10000nit.

Waterproof grade:As outdoor screens are installed outdoors, waterproof and dustproof design is required in consideration of weather and installation location, the IP grade of the display is particularly important. IP68 means that it can completely prevent dust from entering and can be waterproof for a long time, while most of our outdoor displays in PREMTECO are IP68 with high protection grade.

Heat dissipation:When the display is powered on, it will produce huge heat , especially for outdoor displays. When the outdoor temperature is very high and under the direct sunlight, the temperature of the screen is extremely high. If the screen does not have excellent heat dissipation function, it will easily be damaged. For this phenomenon, Premteco adopts aluminum or die-casting aluminum cabinet, which is thinner and lighter than the traditional iron cabinet, which is more conducive to heat dissipation. Moreover, the back of each cabinet is provided with patterns, which not only makes it more beautiful, but also increases the contact area with the air, further realizing heat dissipation.

Gray scale:Gray scale is related to brightness, which refers to the degree of brightness,which often determines the vividness of color. Generally speaking, the higher the gray level, the richer the color and the more gorgeous the effect.

Refresh rate:Refresh frequency refers to the number of times the screen is refreshed by the screen every second. Generally speaking, the higher the refresh frequency, the more stable and smooth the screen display. However, the lower the refresh frequency will not only cause ugly water ripples, but also affect the eyes and make people feel uncomfortable. Premteco display screen can reach 1920-3840 HZ, so the visual effect of the screen is excellent.

Viewing Angle:Most customers buy displays for marketing or performance, and the viewing angle of all displays is particularly important. The horizontal and vertical viewing angles of Premteco displays can reach 160°,which can maximize the benefits.


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