Advantages and Disadvantages of COB LED Screen

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What is COB LED screen?

COB is a chip on board, which is a different chip packaging technology. All chips are directly integrated and packaged on a special PCB board. The packaging technology we are talking about is to integrate three RGB led chips into one SMD electronic package. After sealed smooth and anti-reflective it is resistant against dust and moisture.


Here is some advantage of COB:

Lightweight: PCB board with a thickness of 0.4-1.2mm make the weight lighter about 1/3 compared with traditional LED screen. As a result, it could reduce the pressure of construction and transportation.

Anticollision and crush resistance: Using the chip on board(COB) integrated packing technology, the screens have supper protection properties, including touchability, wear resistance, impact resistance, water-resistance, and dust-prevention protection, so when the water or dust on the LED modules, you can clean it with duster easily. Meanwhile, the LED won't get damaged by slight anticollision during transportation and installation.

Big view angle: The view angle is about 180°.

Outstanding visual effect: The light from our COB LED screen look softer to our eyes, meanwhile, when the screen is playing the images and videos, the visual impact is more exquisite.

COB LED screen

Although COB LED has the above advantages, there are some technical problems that need to be solved:

  • The production cost is much higher than the SMD type due to a high failure rate. And the maintenance cost is high.
  • The COB LED at the moment still needs solid crystal and wire solder craftsmanship, which brings many problems during this process.


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