Detailed Explanation Of Led Display Classification

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There are many types of led display screens, which can be divided from display colors, models, application environments, display functions, and packaging methods.


  1. In terms of color, led display can be divided into: monochromatic led display, led dual-color screen (usually used to display subtitles), led full-color screen (led commonly used nowadays) Display)
  • LED monochrome refers to the luminescent material with only one color of the display screen, mostly single red.
  • The LED dual-color screen is generally composed of red and green LED diodes, which generally display subtitles, multiple colors, and can also display pictures, but the effect is lacking.
  • LED full-color screen, RBG, display all kinds of pictures, the display effect is the same as the TV and computer we see, but the LED display has higher brightness, better color, stronger protection, longer life, and brightness. Self-tuning, it is also very good for indoor applications. If you replace the TV at home, you can choose the cob display all-in-one machine.

LED display

  1. Divided by model:In addition to a wide variety of LED display screens, the models are also diverse, so outsiders often position LED display screens only for moving characters display; LED display screen models refer to dot spacing, with large spacing. There are small, generally called LED small spacing below P2.5, and the preferred choice of cob display for dot spacing below P1.0, other models can be said to be the regular model P3\4\5\6\8\10, because the led The display screen is made of led lights, and Px is the distance between the led lights and the lights. The smaller the dot spacing, the better the display effect, the clearer the picture, the softer color, and the lower energy consumption per unit point...more important, clearly at a viewing distance of 1M, but the P10 model has a strong sense of grain when viewed at a distance of 1M. The user experience will be very bad.


  1. According to the application environment: LED display can be divided into outdoor, indoor and semi-outdoor:

 LED display is the overlord of outdoor advertising display. No other material display can compare with it. High brightness is a big brightness of LED display. Outdoor brightness is affected by direct sunlight. Without super high brightness, it is impossible to achieve the display effect; and the LED display has high protection performance and can resist various outdoor environmental impacts: water mist, lightning, oxidation, corrosion... Also, the LED display outside the picture should pay attention to the dispersion problem, although the LED display is super long life, but after all, it is an electronic product. If the heat dissipation problem is not done well, it will still be destroyed; and now outdoor LED displays will have brightness self-adjustment, and the problem of light pollution in the past has also been solved; generally speaking, outdoor led display is also a landmark of a certain place, and it occupies a large area. Regardless of the size, the led display can be spliced in size according to your needs.


  1. Divided by display function: LED display can realize interactive experience, immersive experience, stereo display, naked eye 3D, V/AR... specific effects can be completed according to your own needs, so the display effect is also very powerful.

LED display

  1. Divided by packaging methods, led display screens include in-line, surface mount (SMD), and COB; in the past, when the dot pitch was P20 and 30, in-line was the main way for led display to go crazy, but as users the requirements for led displays have become higher. SMD has reduced the dot pitch of led displays to 1.25, and the cob package can easily achieve dot pitches below 1.0mm. Nowadays, in-line led displays are rare, and they are all SMD and COB. SMD is still the mainstream and relatively complete, but the cob display is the future trend.


The above is the overall summary of the led display classification. If you have any related questions about the led display, you can contact the led display manufacturer-Premteco.


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