How to protect the LED lamps from moisture

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Because the LED lamp beads bracket made of PPA, BT and other chemical resins has its moisture absorption characteristics, LED lamp is a humidity-sensitive element, which is easy to be affected by moisture. Without proper protection, it will lead to dead LEDs or malfunctioning LEDs.

When the LED is damp, the LED lamps will undergo an electrochemical corrosion. The chip will be short-circuited, and the electrode will damage. In some cases, metal migration will occur in the bonding pad which will lead to the abnormalities of the LED screen.  

Here are some effective measures to protect the LED lamps from moisture before and after assembling.


1. Before assembling.

When the LED lamps is in transition or storage, use the support pad to keep the distance between the LED lamp and the ground 50 mm, and keep the storage room at an appropriate humidity and temperature. (normally, the humidity is kept in the range of 40% RH ~ 60% RH, and the temperature is kept at 20 ~ 30)


2. After assembling

We should dry the LED lamps in a drying oven before the LED is attached to the printed circuit board. Here, we should dry the LED lamps according to its exact state, and the drying time can be longer or shorter. For narrow pixel pitch LED lamps (like p2.5, p1.9 or tighter pixel pitch), we should dry them at 60 celsius for 12 ~ 24 hours; For outdoor LED lamps like p5, p6, p8 and p10, we should keep them dry for 12 ~ 48 hours at 70 degrees Celsius.


More importantly, we should pack LED modules in a vacuum box, or use desiccant to pack them when they are idle for a long time in the workshop during the transition period or holidays.

In Premteco, we have an automatic machine for spraying covering gel on the module, so that the modules will be isolated from outside moisture and dust. When the screen is aging, we should light it up to get the heat of the screen itself, and keep away from moisture.


Finally, when the panels arrives to you by sea, it would be better to set them up and light them up for 12~24 hours to eliminate the possible moisture away from your screens.


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